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The Site Source 2.0

Time for a little spring, well, summer, cleaning, folks! The site source 2.0 is rolling out and I’ll try to be more frequent with my postings! Quote of the week: “It’s not the quest to achieve one perfect goal that

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Scouting Updates for 2014

So, long time no see readers! As my new years resolution (though a month late; better late than never?), I am going to try to blog more and more and more. Yay! And even better, I am going to start

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Updates! 7 Sites to look out for!

So I know I’ve been pretty bad about not blogging the last few months, but I’m back! So what’s new in the website realm? Here’s some sites I’ve come across that are definitely worth sharing- from home design to group

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Cool facts about Israel

Cool Facts: Tel Aviv is 7 Hours ahead of Eastern Time. So, it might be 8am Eastern time, but 3pm Tel Aviv time! Coke and other soft drinks are much more expensive here! Starbucks does not exist here (it was

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Amsterdam last minute trip

So here I am, sitting and eating my starbucks muffin and latte while waiting to get in line for security at the Amsterdam airport on my way home. Minus the no starbucks-giftcard rule at starbucks  (please explain how a starbucks

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Israel Post 2

Well, here I am finally getting a chance to sit down and write all about my adventures in Israel. At the moment, I am in a coffee shop 30 feet below my apartment while waiting for my laundry t0 finish.

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Israel Trip Highlights

As I get plugged back into the internet, I have been trying to recall EVERYTHING I have done in Israel thus far. If I did not write things down along the way with whatever writing instrument I could find, we

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