Scouting Updates for 2014

So, long time no see readers! As my new years resolution (though a month late; better late than never?), I am going to try to blog more and more and more. Yay! And even better, I am going to start taking requests! If you post on my page that you need a good site for restaurant scouting, or event perusing, or apartment hunting, or whatever, I will search the sites for you, being your source for the site you are after( I would say keeping you plugged in, but I think I’ve made my point about the purpose of this blog)!


Today, as I am perusing Springwise, I come across this article about Flat Club, an apartment sharing service that connects alumni all across the world. In need of a place to stay New Years Eve? Spring Break? Job Hunting? Why not network with Flat Club? You get the benefit of connecting through your alma mater for housing!

“It’s like staying at a friend’s home or renting to a trusted friend, when you need a place to stay for a few days, a couple weeks, or a few months” – Flat Club Review


Camille Styles

If you havent heard about Camille Styles, you should! Think of this site as Instructables and Beauty Tutorials put together. For those visual learners out there, look no further for beauty tutorials from bangs, to cat eye, to smokey eyes, to blow outs, etc. Usually, I am a big fan of going on pinterest if I am looking for a beauty-how-to, but Camille Style has it all, even food and entertaining sections. Check out their tutorial on  the Cat Eye Look .

Cat Eye Tutorial by Martha Lynn Kale | photos by Kate Stafford for Camille Styles

Ride-Sharing Review

 Uber vs Lyft







  • The “fancy” factor; Who doesn’t like the swag of a sleek, black car?
  • Punctuality and Presence; unlike lyft, uber is not a non profit and will be there when they come. Not to mention they are usually large in number across the city because they have been around a lot longer


  • Costly rides; Again, not a non profit, so make with the dough or say uh oh
  • No social aspect, most of the uber drivers act like cab drivers, so, well, its a toss up as to whether you become best friends or remain strangers with your cabbie. Just got to hope for the best I guess?



  • (usually) cheaper: thanks to “suggested donations” (i.e., you dont have to pay when you use lyft, but if you dont pay on your rides, then the drivers can rank you low and reduce your chances of getting picked up the next time by another lyft driver- so be friendly and courteous to your driver!)
  • the social aspect; you can have a conversation with your driver, and they are usually very nice, and even might have entertainment or beverages to lure you with so you give your drivers a high rating as well! (I kid you not, one of my lyft drivers had a guitar and water bottles for all of his riders!


  • Unpredictable pick up times; With lyft, your driver has to select your first to be picked up, so if nobody wants to pick you up because you are, say, 20 minutes away from the closest driver, then you’re a bit out of luck! Tip: if there are drivers less than ten minutes away, youre in the clear. Otherwise, I would opt for a cab or another app!
  • “Notice me!” Factor: Ok, so, if you cant see the pink mustache on someone’s car because they put it on the dashboard or don’t have one, then it can be hard to find your lyft driver and have to wave your arms around like a monkey and can tend to look like a crazy person trying to hail your driver.


Gadget of the Month

LG Bluetooth Headset

These earbuds are by far the most useful gadget I have come across (and yes, I have tried Google Glass). This headset allows you to talk on the phone while your phone is in another room and listen to music from your ipod. The key feature of this headset is the buttons: there are buttons on the headset for both music listening (play, pauses, volume) and phone answering (answer the call, callback last person, hangup the call). Click on the picture to check them out on Amazon!

Side note: Also, if you have long hair or can hide the headset under your collar, then your have your own incognito listening device to keep you entertained when that certain someone in your life wants to keep talking, and you want to stop listening. Yeah, keep calm and jam on. They wont even know youre not listening. Its awesome!



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