Those Websites You Were Glad To Find

Best calendar option by far! You can send daily agendas to your phone, share calendars with other people, create multiple calendars, have a meeting scheduler to find the best time for people to meet (its a lab application under settings), add holiday/religious/sports/etc calendars, check the weather, set email alerts and organize easily with reoccurring events. If you have a gmail account, it is pretty easy to get started and definitely helpful for those with the new smartphones nowadays where googlesync takes care of importing your calendar to your phone.
If you have a Mac, this is the ideal way to combine chats for you. This combines aim, facebook chat, and more onto one application under ichat. You might want to google a “how to install chax” to set up your facebook account, but once its set up its easy to maintain. Chax combines all your chats in one window and just looks a lot nicer (plus you can be on facebook chat and not on the facebook website if you want!)
As much as I was a skype fan, oovoo has definitely brought it to the next level. (Feel free to debate). Oovoo generally has a better capability to manage bad internet connections by managing the video quality (low, med, and high res). Along with the charming sounds oovoo makes (not to be sarcastic), oovoo unlike skype will let you record your conversations or pictures of people while you chat (pretty cool if you catch your friend doing something embarrassing on camera).
Imagine having post its go with you from your laptop, to your phone, to any computer with internet access. Evernote is the best way for you to do your shopping list at work then pull it up on your phone and be ready to go. Aside from just that, evernote is definitely worth having if you are an overactive user of the sticky-notes.
I know, I know, Pandora should be here, but really, if you have not checked out Spotify or, then you know both are major upgrades. Not only does Spotify sync with your itunes library, it also will create stations based upon your preferences. The cool thing about and Spotify is that it gives a list of similar artists on each station and there is no skip limit. Take that Pandora!
Need a playlist? 8Tracks is your solution. Need a party playlist? Fratmusic, powered by 8tracks, is a site great for quick and easy playlists that are already created and tailored to the multiple encounters of daily college life. You have your pregame music, babymaking music, mashups, powerhour, and more! Definitely the music you want to be playing at a party.
If you haven’t heard about the craze, check out stumbleupon, the best way to find cool and interesting things on the web based upon your interests. Think of it as a random google search of things you like and it can become addicting because there’s really a lot to explore on the web,
In a cooking mood? This website helps find you recipes based upon what you have in your kitchen. Just tell the website what you have in the fridge and it will generate recipes for you based upon the given ingredients.
This website will give you quotes immediately once you are finished with your clothing design. They are moderately priced and definitely reliable (I have bought from them on two occasions). It is an easy way to customize and order t-shirts and more!
Document sharing made easy. You can create powerpoints, documents, and more for free that will be automatically saved online. You can create documents or upload them to keep them safe from your computer crashing.
If your school does not have a server to rate teachers and you really do not feel like googling your teacher to see if he’s good, Rate My Professor will find your professor for you and show user-submitted ratings from students as well as comments. The ratings are based on a five-point scale and are split up by easiness, hotness, etc.
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